Mörk and Auf Wiedersehen

A couple of months ago we were lucky enough to collaborate with local artist Jacqueline Smith, under pseudonym Auf Wiedersehen, for our first ever Mörk tee. She is the self-taught artist behind the illustrations of shy girls, mini landscapes and wearable art of bearded men and floating mountains.

We met with Auf Wiedersehen for the first time at cafe and bar NBHD Neanderthal in Prahan, where they are serving our Mörk hot chocolate. At NBHD, her art is a huge part of the interior design, and as we instantly loved her work and her fascination for Scandinavian creatures and landscapes we knew that we wanted to collaborate with her.

A few Mörk creatures came up in her early sketches but it was a bear that caught our hearts in the end. We love his raw expression and detail and are incredibly happy he made his way onto our tees. Find this limited run of Mörk bear tees by Auf Wiedersehen in our webstore.

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