Dark Milk & River Salt 65%

Our mouth watering new blend is out – Mörk Dark Milk & River Salt 65% made with our new origin chocolate from Sambirano Valley in Madagascar and fused with Murray River salt flakes. This one will have you begging for more.

We have spent several months working in the test kitchen for our new blend to be perfected to its exact delicious state. This is the very first blend we have worked with a milk chocolate and we searched long and hard to find the right quality with a high enough percentage for our dark range. We are truly lucky to have landed this Madagascar chocolate into our warehouse. Sambirano Valley is a unique cacao-growing region in the North West parts of Madagascar and is widely considered as the mecca of high quality cacao.

The cacao is grown along the riverbanks of the Sambirano River in a unique microclimate created by the proximity to the mountain ranges of Tsaratanana. The rain floods provide an excellent fertile soil for the crops, especially suited for the rare cacao varieties with high Criollo content that are grown here. Our cacao is of the Trinitario variety, one of the most sought after cacaos in the world today. Characteristics of bright fruit in Trinitario from Sambirano Valley have everything to do with these unique conditions of climate and soil, and together with the vast experience and highly developed facilities that the region holds for the ever so important fermentation and drying processing, the cacao is of world class. Grown in the valley are also fields of vanilla, pepper and bay rose and we like to think that these delicacies have had some tiny influence on the beauty of our cacao.

In Dark Milk & River Salt 65% we have fused the Sambirano Valley chocolate with our rich cocoa powder, added a touch of coconut blossom sugar and a small pinch of Murray River salt. While being very well balanced, the salt is added to bring another dimension to the hot chocolate and you will hardly taste it in the cup other than in the caramel richness. It is a chocolate for cold and dark winter nights that require that extra chocolate comfort. Find it here.

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