Campfire Hot Chocolate

Since launching our unique range of dark chocolate beverages in 2012, we had dreamed of opening a specialty store that would enable our chocolate-obsessed fans a way to experience our products, while also offering a space to showcase more experimental and theatrical creations.

Three years later, our dream became a reality when we opened our all- chocolate Brew House in North Melbourne. Fans flocked to experience a range of dark Scandinavian-style drinking cacao, decadent dessert-style creations, and house-made chocolate cakes, cookies, and specialty pastry items.

However, one creation stood out amongst the offering – a smokey, interactive, theatrical item called “Campfire Hot Chocolate”.

An instant Insta hit, the beverage went viral as much for its presentation as for its story: intended as a way for our founder Josefin Zernell to recreate her Swedish childhood memories of drinking chocolate by the fire, Campfire uses maplewood smoke, torched house-made marshmallow, and charcoal salt to accompany their signature ‘Original Dark’ 70% cacao drinking chocolate in creating a truly sensory experience.

Our Campfire Hot Chocolate is available exclusively at the Mörk Chocolate Brewhouse – 150 Errol Street, North Melbourne. The Brew House is open from 9am-5pm Tuesday to Sunday.

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