MÖRK CHOCOLATE Summer Edition 125g


SUMMER EDITION 50% cacao – 125g

Raspberry & Thai Lime

A drinking chocolate suited for days in the sun, made with vibrant flavours of real raspberries and Thai lime. Enjoy it chilled over ice for a refreshing treat or try it hot for a richer experience.

With a base of rich cacao and unrefined coconut sugar, like in all of the Mörk Chocolate blends, we have added a refreshing hit of all natural raspberries and vibrant zing from citrusy and gently perfumed Thai lime fruits from New Zealand. The flavour is unique, familiar and exotic, all at once.

Mörk’s first chilled chocolate Summer Edition is released in a very limited batch from Mörk Chocolate stores only. It is served beautifully over ice for a refreshing drink, with an intensified richness and depth when served hot. Wrapped in bright colours, it is a stunning edition made to stand out.

Ingredients: Coconut sugar, cacao powder, raspberry, sea salt, Thai lime
All natural ingredients, dairy free, and gluten free
ALLERGENS: May contain traces of nuts and soy

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