We craft Mörk specialty hot chocolate with all-natural, not-so-secret ingredients. Cocoa powder, heavy blocks of pure unsweetened chocolate — 100% cacao liquor — and unrefined coconut blossom sugar.
Cacao Liquor

Our liquor is from the cacao growing region of Sur del Lago in south-western Venezuela. Sur del Lago, which means ‘south of the (Maracaibo) lake’, is one of the oldest cacao growing regions in the world. It covers approximately 5,000 hectares of land and has exceptional growing conditions for the more delicate varieties of cacao, including the comparatively rare and highly aromatic Trinitario variety used for our liquor.

The Sur del Lago cacao liquor has distinct flavours of ripe red berries, sweet almonds, and stone fruit, which come through as the top notes in our chocolate.

Organic Cacao Powder

Our Peruvian single origin cocoa powder provides a beautiful mouthfeel and balance by adding body, rounded flavours, and a slightly roasted taste to the blend. It is also a Dutched cocoa, which means that a natural potassium solution has been added in the refining process to highlight depth in flavour and lower the highly acidic notes present in some types of cacao.

Organic Unrefined Coconut Blossom Sugar

We source our unrefined coconut blossom sugar via direct trade with a sustainable farm in West Java, Indonesia. The unique qualities of this type of low-GI sugar imparts an extremely pleasant toffee like flavour that discreetly balances the other elements of our hot chocolate.


When creating our blends we source and taste chocolate from many cacao varieties and origins to find the right balance of flavour and texture.

We produce our small batches of Mörk hot chocolate by finely grating the pure cacao liquor and blending it with the cocoa powder and coconut blossom sugar. A great deal of care is taken with every step of the process to ensure it always tastes as good as we can make it.

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