There are many things that are common to specialty chocolate and coffee, and we feel strongly that our experience with both have enabled us to bring hot chocolate up to the same level as the fantastic coffee that is now available in our corner of the world.

Flavour and quality are not the only things that are important to us at Mörk: our commitment to sustainability and transparency guide our choices and actions. We aim to produce a pure, honest chocolate that not only tastes fantastic, but that in return and out of respect for its origin helps better the lives of the people that make it possible.

We know a fair bit about chocolate from years of chocolate making, comprehensive tasting, sourcing and quite frankly just indulging. We have chosen this craft for all its perks, enormous possibilities and for the constant learning process it throws us in to each time we create something new.

But most importantly, we do this quite simply because we love chocolate and want elevate it to something more than just a sweet beverage: like our colleagues in specialty coffee, we put all our energy into showcasing the natural flavours of the chocolate itself.

Our chocolate tastes best when made strong and sipped slowly. Intense, balanced and full of flavour. A hot chocolate where sugar takes a definitive back seat.

Today, we have four chocolate blends of varying intensity, offering something for everyone.

If you would like to offer Mörk chocolate to your customers, contact hello@morkchocolate.co.uk to learn more about the products and pricing.

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